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Now the Alpha-Version (1.5.0.a) of the Lottery-Component for Joomla 1.5.x is ready for download in the download section. The newest version 1.5.0.d is available for logged-in users only. It comprises some minor bug-fixes (concerning php-short-tags, that might cause trouble on some servers), added capture functionality as well as the option to copy lotteries in the backend.
Due to some compatibility issues with Joomla 1.5.10/11 there is a new Version 1.5.0.e of the Lottery-Component ready for download for registered users.
It comprises additional romanian (thanks to Dan Cirstoc) und polish (thanks to Aleksander Szkodowski) language-files. The language files can be downloaded separately as well as the spanish (thanks to Juan A. Del Compare) language-files.
Please share and send me your language files! I am shure there are french, italian, dutch, russian and many more translations somewhere out there.
Welcome to Hoamzoin

Hoimzoin, the bavarian version of "homezone" for everyone who has to pay back something to somebody.

As I have decided to pay back something to the wonderful Open Source and Joomla Community you will find some Joomla Stuff like the native Version 1.5.0.a of the Lottery component for Joomla 1.5.x in the download section. There is also a somewhat improved Version 1.5.0.e.a of the component available for logged in users (you have to be logged in to get access to that part of the download section).

If you think it might be nice to pay back something to me, you could consider to use the donate button.  Cool

I am happy this site developped a bit more international than my original intention was, hoamzoin being rather local bavarian slang, anyway - think global, act local, or vice versa. By now within the last 26 month there have been visitors from 191 countries on this site, downloading more than 20000 files.

Please feel free to ask for a quote for any programming work like custom Joomla components, modules or plugins, customization of existing ones or any other IT-related work.

Enjoy yourself.

CB French Plugin
There is a French-language plugin for Community Builder 1.2RC3 ready for download in the download section. Have fun.
Thanks to Javvad Mushtaq there is now a Norwegian language-file available for lottery1.1.0a in the download-section. Please feel free to submit other language files. I will offer them for download and of course credit the author. Thanks!
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Thursday, 03 September 2015

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